• The minimum membership should be $1 per month (or 1 of your local equivalent currency)
  • It’s okay to have other membership tiers, but the $1/month one should unlock all of the same perks as the other levels. A better approach might be to offer a single $1+ membership where patrons can choose to contribute as much as they want above $1. Keep it simple! (Both Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-Fi offer “pay what you want” options.)
  • If you want to offer “bulk pricing” such as a yearly option, go ahead! Some people would rather pay it all at once rather than get charged every month, and it helps with transaction fees. $12/year would be the obvious other option, but feel free to offer a discount like $10/year if that floats your boat. (Buy Me a Coffee allows you to set an annual price but Ko-Fi does not, as far as I’m aware.)


I don’t feel like I’m in a position to gate off content yet. Am I allowed in the club as long as “$1/month gives you everything” - even though $0/month also gives you everything?

Yes! You don’t have to have anything gated off for members. Creating a ‘Supporters’ page (example) where you can simply display their name and a link in thanks could be a nice perk, but don’t feel like you have to make members-only content.